Header images for Community Contests

When a Photocrowd subscriber creates a Community Contest on Photocrowd, they get to choose which image to use as the main image for that contest.

This image will sit across the top of their contest page, and in the block which will appear in the contest listings pages.

It is permitted for photographers to choose any image uploaded to Photocrowd as the header image for their contest, regardless of whether it is their image or not. This is so that they can choose an image which best matches and exemplifies the theme of their contest, and does so with as high quality and aspirational an image as possible.

In recognition of their authorship we ensure that the photographer's username appears on the contest image on the contest page, with a link to their Photocrowd profile. This ensures that they receive recognition for shooting the image, lots of views of that image, and additional visits to their profile.

We hope that photographers whose images get chosen will see this as a compliment to their work, and in the spirit of work being shared and appreciated on Photocrowd so that others can learn from their skills.

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