Are contests free to enter?

Most contests on Photocrowd can be entered for free by those on the unpaid 'Crowd' membership plan.

The number of free entries you have for a contest depends on your membership level, and the type of contest it is. 

For all Community Contests and most Premium Contests the number of free entries you get is a follows:

(free) Crowd plan - 1
Challenger plan - 2
Pro plan - 4
Master plan - 6

The exception is where a Premium Contest is 'Subscriber only' - there are no free entries to these contests for those on the unpaid Crowd plan.

Users on the Crowd plan also have a limit to the number of free entries that they can enter into open contests at any one time. When that limit is reached, they will have to wait for the contests to close before those free entry slots will free up and more contests can be entered.

The above does not apply for Photo Awards, as they usually have entry fees.

You can find out more about our plans over on our Upgrade page.

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