Why should I rate photos?

Photo ratings are the lifeblood of Photocrowd’s contests and are one of the things that make them special. They ensure that everyone submitting a photo gets unbiased, honest feedback, and that the really great photography rises to the top. It means that when you shoot that amazing photo it’ll get the recognition it deserves. 

We think rating photos is fun, interesting and a great way to hone your critical faculties. Thinking about what you like or dislike in a photo, and why, is a really useful way to improve as a photographer. And when a big community of photographers like Photocrowd’s practises this with each other’s work it makes for a beautiful feedback loop that helps us all to get better within an honest but supportive environment.

It makes Photocrowd the best place for you to accurately measure yourself against some of the best photographers in the world.

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