What does 'Photo not on brief' mean?

Every contest on Photocrowd features a brief, describing in more detail what the contest is about and what is expected from the submissions.

The brief is there to inspire you to enter the contest and also act as a helpful guideline.

However, you may see that from time to time there are photos that are entered into contests that do not fit the brief that was outlined.

There are two ways in which you can help tackle 'Not on brief' photos:

1. Submission period

During submissions, every photo that is entered into a contest will have a 'Not on brief?' button that will appear on the image. This is there so that you and your fellow Photocrowders can helpfully notify the photographer that you believe their work does not fit the brief. 

This can be quite subjective, however once enough people click the 'Not on brief?' button, the photographer will then be notified. 

2. During rating

When rating you might see a photo that you believe doesn’t fit the contest brief, even though it might be a great photo.

In that case, you can choose to mark the photo as ‘Not on brief’ before being taken to the next photo to rate.

Again, this can be quite subjective, so one or two people clicking the 'Not on brief’ button won’t affect a photo’s score. But if it happens consistently enough it will have an effect on that photo’s score and it will be less likely to do well in that contest.


In both the submissions and the rating period the person who took the photograph will not know that you marked their work as 'Not on brief'.

Please refrain from commenting or messaging on a persons work if you deem it to be 'Not on brief' as this can escalate into a situation that can be avoided.

If you have any comments to make about 'Not on brief' photos then please do drop us an email.

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