How are ranking points calculated?

The ranking points for a contest result are based on the position your image came in the crowd vote (if there was a crowd vote for that contest) and whether the judge gave your image an award (if there was a judge for that contest). 

If a contest has both a crowd vote AND an expert judge then the ranking points for both are combined. 

The ranking points for a contest result are also affected by the size of the contest with bigger contests worth more ranking points and the type of contest too.  Photography Awards are worth more than Premium Contests and Premium Contests are worth more than Community Contests

An easy equation to use when thinking about how ranking points are calculated is as follows: 

(How well you did in that contest Crowd vote position + expert judge position)  x  type of contest  x  size of contest = an image‚Äôs ranking points for that contest

To find out exactly how ranking points are calculated, click here

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