Why does a photo that's done well this week get so few ranking points, or doesn't even appear in my top 24 ranked photos?

You may be wondering why a particular image that did well in a contest is not counting towards your leaderboard ranking, which is based on your best 24 contest results in the previous 12 weeks. 

This is always because that image did not score enough ranking points to be counted in your top 24 images, but this can cause some confusion, as that image might have done really well (even won!) a contest.

Not all contests on Photocrowd give out the same number of ranking points, so even if your photo did very well in a smaller contest, or a Community Contest, it may have actually received fewer ranking points than a photo that got a lower placing in a larger or more prestigious contest like a Premium Contest.

The quickest way to understand how your current ranking is calculated is to check out the Your Rankings page, and also to look at how many points each image result scored by looking at the Your Entries page.

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