How do I enter a contest?

When you sign up to Photocrowd you will have been encouraged to enter one of our 'New Joiners' contests. You can choose from either 'People' 'Landscape' or 'Animals' or enter all three! You'll get a taste of just how exciting it is to take part in a contest and you might even win a prize. 

'New Joiners' contests are a chance to introduce yourself and your photography to the community. Once you've finished entering one of these contests, it's time to enter some more! 

Simply click the 'Contests' button at the top of the page. From there you will see a drop-down menu that includes the different types of contests you can enter plus a 'Chosen for you' section. Here you can browse contests sorted by things like category, popularity, time left to enter and brand, among other things. 

To enter a contest simply click on the contest that takes your fancy, click the green 'Enter a photo' button and follow the instructions from there. Remember - read the brief carefully! 

You can either choose to enter a photo that you have previously uploaded to your profile or upload a new one. 

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