What are hashtags and how do I use them?

Hashtags are used two ways here at Photocrowd. You'll be able to see them on photos uploaded to the site and you'll also spot them on all of our contests too. They are used to tag such things as a specific subject, location or photographic style.   

These hashtags will not only make it easier for other people to find your work, it's also a great way for you to see what your fellow Photocrowders are posting too! You can add hashtags to any photo that you upload to Photocrowd. Once uploaded, you can also go back in and edit, add or remove any hashtags to your uploads. 

You will see that we suggest some popular hashtags you could use, but we do also encourage you to make your own. So, for example, if you have uploaded a black and white photo of a building in London, you could use the hashtags #blackandwhite #architecture #urban #cityscape #london etc... You can add as many hashtags as you like on to your photos.

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