What are the restrictions on the free Crowd tier?

As a free member of Photocrowd there is a lot you can do, and many free contests to enter, but there are some restrictions.

The 7-contest free entry limit

Many Photocrowd contests allow one free entry to be submitted. However there is a limit of seven free contest entries that you can have submitted at any one time. Once you reach that limit you will need to wait until the winners are announced for one of the contests you have entered, at which point another free entry slot will become available for you.

Alternatively you can buy extras entries into a specific contest, or you can withdraw an image from a contest that is still open to entries, which will also free up a slot that you can use elsewhere. And of course you can upgrade to a paid subscription and remove the restriction entirely.

Any photo awards that are free-to-enter will not count towards your 7-contest limit.

50-image upload limit

There is a limit of 50 images that you can have uploaded to your Photocrowd profile on the Crowd tier. Once you hit that limit, if you want to upload more images you will need to either delete some images from your profile first, or upgrade to a paid subscription, which will give you unlimited uploads.

If you pay for extra entries to a contest, or you want to enter a Photo Award (either free or paid) then you can still upload new images for this purpose, but you must do so by visiting those specific contest pages, using the ‘Enter a photo’ button, and uploading a new image through that route.

Subscriber contests

Some contests are labelled as Subscriber contests. Crowd tier members will need to either purchase entries into these contests, or upgrade to a paid subscription, which gives entries into all Photocrowd Premium and Community contests.

Flagging images as Not on Brief

If an image is entered into a contest for which it is not relevant (eg an image of a car being entered into a contest for motorcycles) then paid subscribers on the Challenger, Pro and Master tiers have the opportunity to flag that image as being Not on Brief. If a few members do the same for that image it will be automatically removed from the contest. This facility is only available to Crowd tier members during the rating phase of a contest, not during the open phase.

Sending direct messages

Sending a direct message to another Photocrowd member is not available to Crowd tier members. As a Crowd member you can still follow other members, love their images and write comments on their images.

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