What do the gold, silver, bronze and green ranks mean?

The coloured banding references the position on the Leaderboard. The colours correspond to the position like so:

  • Black: 1st 
  • Gold: 2nd - 50th
  • Silver: 51st - 250th
  • Bronze : 251st - 1000th
  • Green: >= 1001st

Every Monday we open three ranked contests, with the same brief, that Photocrowders with a coloured rank can enter. The green contest is open for photographers with a ranking outside the top 1000, the bronze contest is open to photographers ranked from 251st to 1000th and the gold contest is open to photographers from 250th down to 1st place.

The Leaderboard and the ranking system is there to encourage a friendly sense of competition and fun within the Photocrowd community week by week. To move higher up the Leaderboard and become ranked within a coloured band you must collect ranking points. This will then place you on the Leaderboard. You can collect ranking points by entering contests, however, keep in mind that different types of contests, the size of a contest and also how popular that contest is determines the amount of ranking points up for grabs. To read exactly how ranking points are calculated, just click here

The Leaderboard of ranked photographers is updated every Monday morning (UTC), and showcases the most successful Photocrowders over the past 12 weeks. Get at least 1 result in this period to earn your rank. 

To see where you are ranked, and if you have coloured ranking, simply head to the Leaderboard page and click on ‘jump to where you’re ranked’. 

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